The HAUS BANDT is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. From the depths of a 1920’s Cabaret, a jazz quartet travels in time to find the missing link between 21st century electronica and early 20th century jazz. Is it jazz? Is it house music?

You can decide.

Clarinettist Duncan Hemstock, guitarist Tom Varrall, doublebassist Eric Guy and drummer Chris Nickolls bring you their renditions of House and Electronica classics from the likes of Daft Punk and Danger Mouse, Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim, as well as their own finely crafted originals.

The sounds produced by the HAUS BANDT are both uncannily original and inevitably familiar. Imagine the joy and surprise your guests will feel when what at first seems like another function band playing background jazz breaks into the fattest groove you’ve heard in a long time, with colours and aesthetics that are entirely modern and compelling. This music is for today: classy, groovy, sexy and exciting.

This music is for you.

Welcome to our HAUS.
HAUS BANDT by hausbandt



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