Here’s a video from the latest gig of the Eric Guy London 4tet, this time featuring, as well as our staunch alto Piers Green; Mike Coates on tenor, and Ric Elsworth on drums. Enjoy!


Here’s another tune, dedicated to my wife. The video doesn’t have the massive production skills of as I did it myself, but I hope you enjoy the tune! It’s from the same gig.


In Montreal, the 4TET consists of:

Jean-Sébastien Williams: Guitar

Erik Hove: Alto Sax

Marc Béland: Drums

Eric Guy: Double Bass

These recordings are all from the October 10th recording in Montreal at “Les Pas Sages”, rue Rachel.

EG4MTL101011 by ericguymusic


In London:

Tom White: Trombone

Piers Green: Alto Sax

Chris Nickolls: Drums

Eric Guy: Double Bass


These were recorded at Oliver’s in Greenwich:

Oliver’s 190811 by ericguymusic2